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Dr. Herrin incorporates evaluation of the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease into a comprehensive evaluation, often through the use of study casts (models of your teeth) and occlusal (bite) analysis. He knows that looking into he future means providing you with all information about what’s happening today that will impact your teeth five, ten, twenty and more years from now.

Bite Splint or Occlusal Orthotic Therapy

Occlusal disease therapy commonly begins with a “bite splint.” This hard acrylic appliance is fabricated to fit snugly over either your upper or lower teeth. It becomes a temporary perfect bite for you.

Wearing the bite splint is a time of discovery for both you and Dr. Herrin. You will experience what a comfortable difference a stable, solid bite can make on your teeth, your muscles, and your jaw. It is very likely that many of the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease will diminish or even disappear. How long this takes depends on your situation and the signs and symptoms with which you start.

Bite Adjustment or Occlusal Equilibration

Following a new bite evaluation, Dr. Herrin may ask permission to reshape teeth so they move smoothly against each other and fit together in the same solid position that you felt with the bite splint.

In rare cases where the joint has been badly damaged, the bite splint may not achieve the desired results. When this occurs, advanced joint imaging and consultation with a specialist may be necessary to address the changes in the joints.

Whatever is recommended, we will be sure to spend time ensuring that you have a clear understanding of why it is prescribed, what to expect, and a clear picture of the anticipated outcome. We also will welcome our questions and concerns.

Keeping your teeth in maximum comfort, function, and esthetics for your entire lifetime depends on you. Seeing and addressing the signs and symptoms of the disease processes that work against that goal depends on what Dr. Herrin knows and discovers. Together we can be an unbeatable team that keeps occlusion working for your health and not against it.

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