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Helping create long, healthy lives... one Confident, Beautiful smile at a time.

We want to be sure that you understand what we will be doing together and why. "We" includes you. Because in truth, the person who really has control over the healing process is you. By working together with us, you can enjoy a healthier mouth, now and in the future.

First, we want to get to know you, and to determine what you want for your dental health. We would like you to become acquainted with us and with our concept of good oral health. This will help you to decide if we offer the type of care that you are interested in.

In order to achieve what you want, we need to discover together your present state of health. We want to learn as much as possible about your dental and medical history. We will then begin with a thorough examination. We will use diagnostic aides such as x-rays and models of your teeth. Other tests may be needed to determine the exact conditions in your mouth. We will help you discover as complete an overview of your dental health as possible. Frequently, we need to coordinate with your restorative dentist or your physician to help formulate your diagnosis.

After you understand the complete picture of your present dental health, we can consider your treatment options. We will work to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages, consequences and alternative therapeutic choices for each situation. Only then can you decide which course of therapy will work best for you.

Unless you have an emergency condition that requires immediate attention, we will first concern ourselves with helping you control the causes of disease in your mouth. We believe that there is little point in concerning ourselves with repair of the disease unless we first eliminate the conditions that caused it. Once this control is achieved, we can plan further treatment with complete confidence that it will give you optimum service, function and comfort.


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