Taking Steps Towards Better Dental Health NH Center for Periodontics proudly supports our troops and veterans. Caring For Your Mouth
Taking Steps Towards Better Dental Health
Our team specializes in conservative treatment of gum disease including cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile as well as dental implants that can replace single or multiple missing teeth.
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Periodontal Health Care & Implant Dentistry
For more than 30 years we have brought health and happiness to New England residents with our caring and gentle approaches to patient care.
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Caring For Your Mouth
Did you know it is very important to take care of your mouth, teeth and gums at all stages of your life?
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Helping create long, healthy lives... one Confident, Beautiful smile at a time.

Welcome and congratulations on taking this step toward better dental health!

"Although no one really likes to go to the doctor or dentist, I strive to make your visits with me as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. I strongly believe that my patients' comfort is an important part of quality dental care." - Dr. John R. Herrin

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Periodontal Services

Periodontal procedures are available to regenerate the bone and gum tissue to their original function and cosmetic appearance.

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Implant Services

Dental implants are changing the way people live! With them, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life.

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Periodontal Disease

Infections of the gums gradually destroy the support of your natural teeth. There are numerous disease entities requiring different treatment approaches.

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Non-Surgical Services

We can use modern techniques to help rebuild lost bone support. The emphasis in our practice is conservative periodontal therapy.

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